System Administrator Access

The System Administrator is the app level administrator for your company. System Administrator is a special capability given to users to access the System Admin module. System Admins can manage the internal users, external partners and contacts, and the company's configurations.

Note: Only System Administrators have the ability to edit User's information, roles, permissions, and access.

Enabling the System Administrator Capability 

1. Navigate to the Users screen from the System Admin module as shown below.

2. Click on the name of the user you wish to enable the capability for.


3. Click on the Toggle switch to enable the System Admin access for that specific user. 

4. Click on the Save Changes button to proceed.


Disable System Admin Access

You can disable the System Admin access for a specific user if required. 

1. Click on the Toggle switch to disable the System Admin access as shown below. 


Once enabled, System Administrators can perform the following functions:

Note: Please click on the links below to learn more about each function