Updating a Partner's Status

Users who are System Administrators or Users who have the Add/Edit Partner permission have the ability to update the status of a Partner profile. When a new partner is added, the status will be set to Active by default. Users can update the partner status to Inactive if they no longer wish to publish assessments to that partner. 

Note: This feature is available to Partner Connect/Vendor Connect as well as Client connect (subscribed) users. This feature is not available for Guest users.

 Updating a Partner's Status

1. Navigate to the the Profile screen from the Partners Module and select the Edit Details button on the Partner Details tab as shown below:


2. Select the Status drop down box as shown below, select the desired status of your choosing, and click the Save Changes button to save your status change:


3. If you set the Partner Status to Inactive, you will be asked for a confirmation as shown below. Click on Save Changes to proceed:


Note: Once you have set the partner status to Inactive, you can no longer publish assessments to that partner. In addition, marking a partner as Inactive will cancel all the future upcoming assessments scheduled for that partner and a confirmation message will appear as shown below: