Adding a Vendor

Vendors form the basis of CENTRL's external collaboration and Risk Management Platform. CENTRL's platform allows you to easily publish questionnaires to vendors, track the risk for vendors over time, and analyze the overall risk across all vendors for your organization. 

You can easily add Vendors if you have the appropriate permissions. Users with the View Vendor Information permission have the ability to see information about a vendor including Inherent and Residual Risk, Status, and more. The Add/Edit Vendor Access permission allows you to add vendors and edit a Vendor's informationBy default, System Administrators have the ability to both View, Add, and Edit vendors.

Please see our help article for an overview on Roles & Permissions for reference if needed:
Roles and Permissions

This article covers the following topics:

Adding a Vendor

From the System Admin module

As a System Administrator, you can add Vendors from the System Admin module. Navigate to the System Admin Module, select the Vendors screen, and click the Add Partner button as shown below:


Note: System Administrators also have the ability to bulk import Vendors from an Excel or a CSV file. They can also download all the Vendor information for their reporting needs. To learn more about how to bulk-import vendors, please see our help article:
Managing Vendors

From the Vendors Module

1. Users with appropriate permissions to Add/Edit Vendor in their user profile can add Vendors from the Vendor Space. Navigate to the Vendors Module, select the Vendors tab, and click the Add Vendor button as shown below:


2. On the following page, you have the option to input the desired Vendor details such as the Status, Criticality, Spend and Risk levels for the vendor as shown below. Click the Next: Add Contact button when finished:
Note: Any field marked with an asterisk "*", is a required field:


3. As an optional step, you can also add an Internal Owner at the bottom of the details page as shown below. An Internal Owner is a user within your organization who will be responsible for managing the new vendor:


4. On the following page, you can add a contact for your new Vendor. The first option is to add an already pre-existing contact to your new vendor as shown below: 

Note: Adding a primary contact is not mandatory. You can still proceed and save this vendor without adding a primary contact. 


5. You can also add new contact email address as shown below. Once you input the new contact email address, you will need click the Add Item blue hyperlink as shown below:


6. Once you have added your new contact and details, click the Save Vendor button as shown below to complete this process:


Viewing Vendor Profile

Users who have permissions to View Vendor Information in their user profile can view the Vendor details in the Vendor Space. Vendor Information includes the general information of the vendor, the risk for a vendor, and additional custom attributes you can define. 

Please see our help article for creating custom attributes for reference:
Configuring Partner Fields

1. Navigate to the Vendors Screen from the Vendors Module, select the Vendors tab, and select the desired vendor as shown below:


2. You can view the vendor details under the profile screen > Vendors Details tab as shown below. You can also click the Edit Details button to make any necessary changes: 

Note: The Profile screen will appear only if you have appropriate permissions to "View Vendor Information" in your user profile.


You can also view the Contacts and Products screens associated with the vendor by visiting the relevant tabs.

Alternatively, if you are System Administrator, you can navigate to the Vendors screen from System Admin module.

To learn more about managing your vendor, please see our help article:
Managing Vendors