Managing your Time Zone Preference

Users have the option to change their time zone depending on their location and business. Once users save the setting, the time zone change will be reflected on all screens within the application.

This is particularly useful for users who operate in time zones different from that of their organization. For these users, setting their profile time zone will ensure that deadlines and other dates show in the correct time zone, whether for assessments and surveys, email reminders, or any other part of the application.

Navigating to My Profile

1. Click on the dropdown next to your name.

2. Inside the dropdown, click on My Profile in order to bring up the My Profile page.

3. Inside the My Profile page, you can update your personal information as well as select a time zone based on your location.


Selecting a Time Zone

Users can select a time zone as per their preference. Once this is saved, this time zone will be reflected in all screens within the application. 


1. Go to the Localization tab and select a time zone from the list as shown below. 

2. Click on the Update Profile Settings button to save the settings. 


Note: By default, the time zone is set to (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).