Viewing Import Logs

System Admins can view the status, metadata, and results of each import in the Import Logs. Each row in the Import Logs table corresponds to a single import process. The Status column tells you whether the process has finished or is still in progress. The Summary column tells you how many rows were successfully imported, how many rows were skipped, and how many errors were found in the uploaded data.VImportlog1.png 1. Click on the file name to view the detailed log for that import. 



2. Once you click to view the Import Details for a particular import, at the top of the page you will see the import metadata as well as a link to download the uploaded file. 


3. At the bottom of the Import Details pane, you will see a table of errors and warnings, if any are found, for this particular import. The Sheet Name, Row, and Column columns in this table will help you pinpoint exactly for which cell in the uploaded import file an issue was found. For example, looking at one row in the Errors and Warnings table, if the Sheet Name is "Partners", the Row is "3", and the Column is "Status", then you know that on the third row of the "Partners" sheet there is an issue with the data in the "Status" column. Lastly, the Message column in the Errors and Warnings table should help you determine the cause of the provided error or warning.