Bulk-importing External Partners

System Administrators have the option to bulk import Partners from an approved Excel or CSV file. This enables users to easily add multiple Partners and Contacts at once. System Admins can also export data related to their Partners or Clients in the form of a detailed report.

Please Note: Bulk import of Partners/Vendors, Products, and Contacts data has been streamlined. In other words, System Admins can now initiate an import process from the 'System Admin' module or 'Partner/Vendor' space module and attend to their other work while the data is imported in the background.

System Admins will receive status updates by email on the initiation and completion of the import process.

Navigating to Bulk Import

System Administrators managing Partner data can initiate a bulk import from several places. 

From the System Admin Module

Navigate to the Partners screen from the System Admin Module and click on the 3 dots as shown below to select the Bulk Import option.



From the Partner Space Module

Navigate to the Partner Space module as shown below and click on the 3 dots to select the Bulk Import option.



From Inbox Module

Navigate to the Inbox module and click on the 3 dots on the Partner Widget to select the Bulk Import option. 

Please click here to learn more about using Bulk Import.