Searching for Previous Answers

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This feature is in early access. To enable this feature please reach out to CENTRL Support. 

Users responding to assessments can now quickly search across all previously answered questions to simplify the answering process.

This article covers the following topics:

  1. Searching for Answers
  2. Viewing Answer Details
  3. Refining Results
  4. Next Steps

Searching for Answers

Users can search for previous answers either by selecting the new Answer Library icon on a question card or by selecting the pop-out arrow to open the search panel. When selecting the Answer Library icon will automatically search the question text for the selected question card.

Search Answer.gif

With the search panel open users can clear search results and enter their own search phrases.


Viewing Answer Details

Sometimes an answer type can't be shown in the results (files, tables) and sometimes and answer is too long. Click view source to see the original question and answer in full. 


Refining Results

The search feature lets users add filters to refine their results based on the original questionnaire name, partner that sent the assessment, publish date, partner receiving the assessment and the period.


After applying filters, users can click the filter icon again to toggle back to the search results view.


The results are now refined to match your filters!


Next Steps

In upcoming releases we will work with clients to improve the search experience as well as introduce new features to build and manage your answer library from adding and defining custom attributes to adding new answers in bulk.