December 2022 Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on December 9, 2022.

This article covers the following topics:

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / DD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

This release brings several general enhancements to Assessments and Issues.

  • We will update the assessment publish-to-one experience to use our more performant lookup fields to eliminate performance issues with tens of thousands of dropdown items.
  • We will fix an issue where follow-up question cards did not expand by default confusing some responders.
  • Users will see performance improvements when editing issues and a loader to indicate saving.
  • When editing questionnaires, users will see a loader to indicate saving to remove confusion.
  • We will introduce a new feature that enables users to write evaluation comments at a section/subsection level

Please Note: Please contact your Account Manager or contact CENTRL Support if interested in this feature. 


We will bring our existing Executive Reports into the Report Builder under a new section called Executive Reports. Unlike Reports and Dashboards, Executive Reports present synthesized information in detailed documents generated under templates built in collaboration with our Account Management team. In future releases, we will bring additional self-service capabilities to Executive Reports, including robust document editing and template management. 

Please Note: To enable this feature, please reach out to your Account Manager or CENTRL Support.

  • Users will be able to generate any Executive Report from the Report Builder. CENTRL will show each generated report in the new Executive Report section, even reports generated from other pages like on assessments.
  • Users will be able to generate, view and download Executive Reports. Future releases will support editing, sharing and template management capabilities to make it easier to run this process in the application
  • Users can reach out to their Account Manager to define new reporting templates.

On Dashboards, we will adjust how dashboards tiles automatically snap to new locations to remove awkward interactions.


We will improve how contacts are managed in the platform to help save you time and minimize the risk of inconsistent data. 

  • When updating the attributes of a contact or deactivating a contact, all other contacts with the same email address will reflect those updates.
  • When adding a contact to a Partner, or other objects with associated contacts, users can choose to either add an entirely new contact or reference an existing one. Referencing existing contacts in this way obviates the need for manual reentry of existing details.

We will improve file functionality and workflows. When viewing files in the All Files screen, users will see View File Associations which will display:

  • Any associated records that the file is associated with, including Partners, Products, and Relationship IDs. 
  • All associated records will also have a link for users to select, opening a new tab to view the associated record.

Note to Clients

As of Spring 2021, CENTRL’s platform no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on our supported browsers, please visit our help center article here.

Release Notes Details

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