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Supported File types for Upload

CENTRL supports specific file formats for uploading files and viewing them in our in-app Document Viewer.

This article covers the following topics:

Supported File Types for Upload

While uploading files using the Upload Files modal, you can upload up to 25 files to your File Library. The file size limit for uploading is 400MB.

CENTRL currently supports the following file formats for upload:

File Type

File Format/Extension

Microsoft Office and PDF file

Video Files


Additional File types


File Viewer Supported File Types

We support the following file types in our Document Viewer:

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Word Files (.docx, .doc)
  • Powerpoint Files (.pptx, .ppt)
  • Excel (.xls,.xlsx,) and CSV files.
  • Image files (.png and .jpeg only)

Note: If an excel file has embedded objects like images, they are not supported in the viewer. 

We currently support only Word, PDF and Powerpoint files for PDF conversion. All the other non-supported file formats will not be able to be rendered in our Viewer. However, recipients will be able to easily download them in their original format.

Viewing Supported Files in the Document Viewer

Document owners/creators and Document recipients can view supported files using our in-app File Viewer. The File viewer supports only the MS Office file types.

Note: File viewer is not available for files of size above 80MB. However, they can be downloaded using the Download link.

MS Office Files

For all the MS Office files, you can view your document in our in-app Viewer as seen below.


Non-MS Office Files

For all the Non-MS Office files, you will not be able to view the document in our Document Viewer as seen below. However, you can access them by downloading the file/files in order to view them.


Requesting Other File Types

In case you want to upload other File types, that are not mentioned in our List of supported File formats, you can submit a support request through CENTRL's Support Center.