January 2017-Release Notes


Release notes provide an overview of the new features and improvements to CENTRL’s Platform. It also provides details about the release date after which the features will be generally available.

What’s new in the Release

Client Connect


1. File Library: The File Library is a new way to manage and edit files across document packages. Files in the file library are the building blocks of Document Packages. The File Library gives you a 360 view of a file and allows you to update a file across multiple document packages.

  • Only Document Admin can view and edit the File Library. Users with “write” access can add files, but only Document Admin can update the files in the file library.
  • You can add files to the File Library to later create document packages.
  • You can edit files and update them if needed. Updating a file will create a new version and automatically update the associated document packages.
  • You can view the recipients of a selected file and which document package it is a part of.
  • CENTRL currently supports the following formats: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, csv.

2. Adding Tags: Tags allow users to define and attach a label to a document to make it easier to identify files.

  • Ability to add multiple tags to one file.
  • Select one or multiple documents from the file library, create a tag and apply it to the file.
  • Full capability of filtering documents through tags.

3. Deleting Files: The Document Admin can delete files from the file library. Once it is delete from the file library, it will automatically get deleted in associated document packages as well.

4. Document Package: A set of files that you want to publish to your clients. A package can contain one or many files.

  • You can upload files directly into a Document Package or choose documents from the file library.
  • Only approved document packages can be published to clients.
  • You can now “Submit for Approval” and “Publish” through the View Finder.

5. Bulk Publishing: Publish multiple document packages to a partner.

  • Full capabilities of setting advanced permissions on a package level.
  • Only approved document packages can be published in bulk.

6. Advanced Permissions: Allows you to set permissions for each document packages. When publishing, you can define permissions by recipients or distinguish on a partner by partner level. By default, publishing a document as a PDF is checked. You can view your permissions for each document package on the “Document Overview” page.

  • Download Ability:
    • The download ability defines whether a recipient can download a document.
    • If the download button is unchecked, then the recipient CANNOT download the document.
    • By default, this button is check and the recipient CAN download the document.
    • When the download button is checked and the Publish as PDF is unchecked, the recipient will be able to download the document in its native format.
  • Publish as PDF
    • Publish as PDF will automatically convert file into PDF format.
    • By default, publish as PDF is on.
  • Watermarks – A transparent text that is applied to a document to protect the original copy.
    • Watermarks can be defined at time of publishing.
    • When checked, watermarks are applied to all files inside the document package.
    • Watermark is disabled when downloading a native document.
    • Watermark includes Company Name, email address from sender, and date.
  • Publish as Private
    • When checked, only the single recipient will be able to receive the document package.
    • Private documents are not automatically shared with the recipient’s division and company admin.
    • In order to share this document with a division, the sender would have to individually add the new recipients when this is checked.
  • Expiration Dates
    • Expiration dates can be placed on document packages when needed.
    • They are defined at the time of publishing.
    • When a document package is expired, an email notification will be sent out.

7. Revoking Permissions: As the owner of the document package, you have the ability to revoke access of a document package from the recipient.

  • To revoke access, navigate to the “Document Package Overview” page. Click on “View Recipients, View Advance Settings, Check Revoke Access” and confirm.
  • The recipient will receive an email notification that the access to the document package is revoked.
  • Recipient will no longer have access to the files in the document package.

8. Document Request: When a partner requests documents from you, you will receive a “Document Request Pending” notification under the Document Package tab. This new feature allows you to track, assign and respond to all incoming document requests.

  • All document requests from partners are in a centralized place so you can track status of each request.
  • You can assign the document requests to users in your organization or respond directly to the request.
  • View all actions in regards to the document request.
  • Full capabilities of assigning all or specific documents to users in your organization.


1. Supported Documents from File Library: In this release, you will now be able to select file(s) from the file library to attach as a supporting document when answering a Questionnaire.

  • You have the option to upload files that are not in your file library directly by clicking on UPLOAD FILES.
  • Once you have selected the files, they will be shown in the Selected File(s) box on the right.
  • When questions are assigned to you, you can still select files from the file library even if you are not a Document Admin.

Vendor Connect


1. Document Request: You can now track all document requests from your partners. You have the ability to check status on all outgoing requests, view documents for the received request, and view information on due date. You have the option to:

  • “Start New” Request.
  • “Start from Checklist” Request.
  • Add “Reference File" to a Request – When requesting a document, upload a reference file for partner.


1. Questionnaire Overview: No new features, only UI changes and enhancements.


1. Document Admin: Only Document Admin has full capability of: viewing and editing the file library, managing document types, and creating checklists.

  • The Document Admin has complete access to all documents and document requests, they are not restricted by Partner Access.
  • Anyone who has document “write” permission can read/write files in the file library.
  • File library is not restricted by partner or product access; it is restricted by the permissions of users.

2. Questionnaire Admin: The Questionnaire admin has all the permission on Questionnaire within the division. They are not restricted by Partner access. 

3. System Admin: Roles are no longer given from an organization level, roles are now given at user level. The partner access will be applied to both Documents & Questionnaires.

  • Roles: Roles are associated by user level and can be accessible to all partners.
  • Restricted Access: Admin has ability to restrict users to have access to certain partners or give access to all partners.
  • Admin Capabilities: Admin can update, delete and add new versions from the file library.

When will the features be available

The new features will be available on January 18, 2017. Some features will be available directly for the end user, while others will have to be configured by the Administrator.

Application downtime

As a part of the release deployment, the CENTRL application will be unavailable on January 17, 2017 starting 3PM (PST) for 3 hours.

On this day, we will send regular notifications before and after the deployment to keep you posted on the process and system availability.