November 2016 - Release Notes


The release notes provide an overview of the new features and improvements to CENTRL's Vendor Connect and Client Connect product. It also provides details about the release date after which the features will be generally available.

What’s new in the Release

Vendor Connect


1. Request Documents: This feature allows you to request documents from your third parties. In this release, we have made several enhancements to this feature.

  • Request multiple documents at the same time.
  • Ability to request a specific “document” instead of a document type. We take this one step further by providing a list of pre seeded documents. You can simply use one in the list or specify your own.
  • Add “Due Dates” for each requested document. This allows better tracking of the request.
  • Track open requests across vendors in one place. Sorted by “Due Date” and Status.
  • View documents sent by the third party for a particular request.


1. New “Clarification” flow: Evaluating vendor responses to a questionnaire is a collaborative process where you have to go back and forth with your vendor multiple times. In this release we are introducing the full workflow to initiate the clarifications on vendor responses, consolidate the clarifications internally and send them to the vendor.

  • Initiate a follow up or clarification at question level.
  • View items needing clarification by using intuitive filters.
  • Send all clarifications to the vendor. The vendor has the ability to provide detailed responses for each follow up.
  • Review responses from the vendor. Ability to assign sections to subject matter experts in your company.
  • View history of all clarifications and related responses in a chronological order at any time. We also keep a track of the how many times the questionnaire was sent to the vendor for clarifications.

2. Evaluation Summary: With this feature, you have the ability to draft a summary of the vendor assessment as a part of the evaluation.

  • Ability to enter a summary of the evaluation.
  • This summary is displayed on the final graded questionnaire.

Client Connect


1. Track Incoming Requests: With this release, you can now track all incoming document requests from your partners in one place. We have also provided a way to publish documents right from the request to make the flow more intuitive.

  • Track all incoming document requests in one place. Information like due date, sender etc. make it easier to manage the request.
  • Assign the incoming request to someone in your organization.
  • Publish documents for a request. You have the ability to select an existing document package or create a new package to fulfill the request.

2. Quick link for recipients to view document packages you publish: With this release, we will support functionality for recipients to view the document package without having to register. When you publish a document, all recipients who have not yet registered will receive a link to the document in their email. They can click on the link to view the document/files. The intent is to allow your client to view the document without any friction.


1. Respond to incoming clarifications: With this feature, you can respond to follow ups or clarifications that the client may have on an assessment.

  • Receive notification when a client posts clarifications on an answered questionnaire.
  • Assign clarification questions to subject matter experts within your company.
  • Respond to clarifications and publish back to the client.
  • View history of all clarifications and related responses in a chronological order at any time.

When will the features be available

The new features will be available on November 3rd, 2016. Some features will be available directly for the end user, while others will have to be configured by the Administrator.

Application downtime

As a part of the release deployment, the CENTRL application will be unavailable on November 3rd, 2016 starting 3PM (PST) for 1 hour.

On this day, we will send regular notifications before and after the deployment to keep you posted on the process and system availability.