February 2017 - Release Notes


Release notes provide an overview of the new features and improvements to CENTRL’s Platform.  It also provides details about the release date after which the features will be generally available.

What's New In The Release

Partner Space

The Partner Space is a partner branded work area that separates documents and assessments into company-specific containers.

  • It simplifies and groups information sent and received by your partners.
  • Partner Space allows collaboration with your different partners in one place.
  • Guest Users not subscribed to CENTRL will work solely within a dedicated work-place type setting with your company branding.

The image below shows the different Partner Spaces

Documents Module – Usability Improvement

With each release, we are constantly adding features that will improve the usability of our platform. Some improvements for this release are:

  • Improved navigation to quickly see the contents in your Document Folders and select the files you want to view.
  • The new “Quickview” speeds user workflow and collaboration with an intuitive side panel navigation.
  • Other UI enhancements will improve the user experience and make the Documents landing and summary pages more intuitive.

Here is a screenshot of the “Quickview” feature

Assessments / Audits

“Partial Submit” - In this release, we are introducing the option for submitting a subset of an Audit/Assessment Questionnaire when answering.

“Partial Submit” allows:

  • While answering, owners can submit a subset of the Questionnaire/Audit back to the requestor while working on other questions.
  • While evaluating, owners can send clarifications on a subset of the responses provided to the other party while reviewing other answers.
  • This feature provides a collaborative experience that models the workflow of Audits/Assessments.

The screenshot below shows an example of Partial Submit and there are 5 answers to be approved and published out of a total of 29 questions.

When the new features will be available

The new features will be available on February 28th, 2017.

Application downtime

As a part of the release deployment, the CENTRL application will be unavailable on February 28th, 2017 starting 5:30 PM (PST) for 3 hours.

On this day, we will send regular notifications before and after the deployment to keep you posted on the process and system availability. Some features will be available directly for the end user, while others must be configured by the Administrator.