Partner Space

Partner Space is a partner-branded work area that separates documents, issues, and assessments into company-specific containers. The Partner Workspace allows collaboration with various partners from a central place. It simplifies and groups information sent and received by your partners.

Note: Guest Users, who are not subscribed with CENTRL will work solely within a dedicated work-place type setting with your company branding using CENTRL's Partner Space.

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Partners 

1. Click on Partners from the sidebar as shown below. You will be taken to the Partner Data screen.


Viewing your Partners 

By default, all your Partners will appear in a Grid view. If you have multiple partners, the Partners' list will appear in a List view. 

Grid View


List View


Searching for a Partner

Using the Search icon, you can quickly search for any Partner.

1. Click on the Search icon to start searching.


2. Within the search box, enter your search text.

Note: The screen will automatically reflect your search results.


Filtering your Partners

You can apply filters to your Partners by type. The options available are Active and Inactive.

Note: By default, the Partners screen will show Active Partners.

1. Check on the Status button as shown below and select from the options; Active or Inactive.

2. Select the Apply button accordingly to filter. 

Note: The Partners page will reflect the applied filters.


Applying Additional Filters

You can apply additional filters per field combined with AND/OR logic to Partners. This feature is especially useful when you have multiple partners and additional filters help in searching for your request quickly.

1. Click on the Filter icon as shown below.

2. Within the Additional Filters modal, click on the Column drop-down and Value drop-down to select from the pre-populated options. You can apply more than one filter by clicking on the +icon.

3. Click on the Apply button to proceed. To clear filters, click on the Clear All button.


4. You can view the filtered partners on the screen.

Note: After applying filters, the Filter icon also shows a count of the applied filters in red.

To learn more about adding a new partner or editing partner details, click here