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Advanced Permissions for Document Folders

At the time of publishing a Document Folder, you can enable advanced permissions for all recipients or if enhanced partner level capabilities are needed. By default, Download permission, Publish as Read-only permission, and Publish as Private permission are selected.

Note: If the Publish as Read-only box is unselected, the recipients will receive the file in its original/native format. There will not be an automatic PDF conversion.

Enabling Advanced Permissions

1. While publishing a Folder, click on the Advanced Permissions link as shown below.

2. Within the Advanced Permissions modal, you can assign or un-assign permissions to your Partners and click on the Next button.

Note: By default, the Download permission, Publish as Read-only, and Publish as Private permission are enabled.

3. As you review your permissions, you can send an optional email notification to your partners by selecting the corresponding checkbox. You also have the ability to include a customized email message along with the email notification. Click on the Send button to proceed.

Note: Each recipient will receive an email notification for the same.

Advanced Permissions 

Publish as Read-Only read-only_2x.png

  • Publish as Read-Only will allow the recipient to download the files as a Read-Only or View-only File.
  • If Publish as "Read Only" is unchecked, the user will download the files in its original format. 
  • While publishing Read-only documents, All Word, Powerpoint, and PDF Files will be downloaded as PDF files. Whereas, Excel and CSV Files will be downloaded as HTML.
  • File sizes above 80MB will be downloaded by the recipient in their original format.

Download Ability Download_Icon.png

  • The Download ability enables the Recipient to download all Files in the Folder.
  • By default, this button is checked on and the recipient CAN download the document
  • If the download button is unchecked, then the recipient CANNOT download the document
  • When the download button is checked and the Publish as Read-only is unchecked, the recipient will be able to download the document in its native format.

Watermarks Watermark_Icon.png

  • A watermark is a transparent text that is applied to a document to protect the original copy.
  • Watermarks can be defined at the time of publishing.
  • When checked, Watermarks are applied to all files inside the document Folder.
  • Watermarks include the company name, email address from the sender, and date.
  • Recipients will see the watermark in the viewer and in the files that are downloaded as PDF.
  • If publish as Read-only is unchecked, Watermarks will not be applied when a user downloads the file. Our system cannot overlay a Watermark on the original file

Note: File sizes above 80MB, Excel, CSV Files and non-supported type files will not have the watermarks applied. 

Publish as Private Security_Icon.png

  • When checked, only the recipient(s) you have published to will be able to receive the Document Folder. Other users in the recipient's organization will not be able to see the document unless you explicitly publish the document to them.
  • Private Documents are not automatically shared with the recipient’s division and company.
  • In order to share this document with a division, the sender would have to individually add the new recipients when this permission is checked. 

Expiration Dates Expiration_Date_Icon.png

  • Expiration dates can be placed on Document Folders when needed.
  • They are defined at the time of publishing.
  • When a Document folder expires, an email notification will be sent out and the recipient will no longer be able to view the files in the folder.