File Library Overview

The file library is available in the Client Connect module and provides a centralized repository to upload and review files. The purpose of the file library is to provide a 360-degree overview of a file. You can see which document folders the selected file is in, the recipients of the file, update the file version across multiple document folders, and view the history of the file.


As the building blocks of document folders, files will be automatically added to the file library when the file is added to an approved or published document folder. Users who have Document Admin capability can add, delete and update files from the File Library.


File Library Accessibility

Only users who have the Document Admin capability checked will have permission to access the File Library.


File Library Key Features 

For more information on key features regarding the file library, please see the article topics referenced below: 

  1. Adding Files To The File Library
  2. Creating a Document Folder
  3. Viewing Associated Folders for a File
  4. Updating A File
  5. Viewing Recipients of a Document Folder
  6. Applying and Removing File Tags
  7. Filter Files with Tags