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Filtering Files Inside the File Library

Within CENTRL's Document module, you can easily search for files using filters in the File Library.  You can apply the filters in the File Library

Filtering Files in File Library

2021-06-09_10-04-50.png1. From your File Library, click on the Filter Icon.2021-06-09_10-25-16.png2. On the Additional Filters screen. you will see the filter options: Columns and Value.2021-06-09_10-25-36.png3. Select a Column you want to filter by.2021-06-09_10-25-51.png4. Once you've selected a column, select the Value associated with the column you wish to filter. 2021-06-09_10-26-16.png5. You can add any additional filters by clicking on the + icon. Once you have selected your filters, click on the Apply button.

2021-06-09_10-26-44.png6. You will now see the filtered files based on your filter options.

Filtering Files by Folder


1. You can also filter files by typing or selecting the specific folder you want to filter on.

2. If the folder you selected is recurring, you can specify the recurring period you want to filter on. By default, it selects the latest period.

Note: You can further filter by using the Search icon.