Viewing Associated Folders for a File

This feature is available in the Client Connect module.

The purpose of the file library is to get a 360-degree view of a file. You can see which document Folders a selected file is in and update the file across the associated document.

Only Users who have Document Admin capabilities can view and edit the File Library. These permissions are given by the user administrators when creating a new user or editing a user's permissions.

  1. To view the Folders that a file is a part of, navigate to your files library by click on Documents module on the left.
  2. The click on Files in the top right.2.png
  3. You can see how many folders a file is a part of by looking at the "# of Folders" column.3.png
  4. Click on the file name that you want to view.4.png
  5. Click on Folders.5.png
  6. Here you will see the folders that the file is part of and other details for the folders as well.6.png