Applying and Removing File Tags

Document Admins or users with permission to amend the File Library may create and apply file tags. File tags are keywords that can be linked to file(s). You can define your own tags and use them to categorize, identify, filter, and sort files.

Please Note: This feature is only available in the Client Connect module.

This article covers the following topics:

Applying Tags

1. Navigate to the Documents module and select the files screen as shown below.


2. In order to improve workflow, file tags can be applied to files in the File Library. To do so, select the file(s) you intend to modify as shown below. 


3. Navigate to the Tags dropdown and select the tags you intend to apply. Once selected, click Apply as shown below.


Add a File Tag On-The-Fly

If an applicable tag is not already visible in the Tag Dropdown, one can be created on-the-fly.

1. In the Tag Dropdown, type in the intended tag name and click Add "Tag Name" Tag as shown below.


The new tag will be visible in the Tag Dropdown for future applications.

Removing Tags

Tags can be removed from files at any time. 

1. To remove tags, first select the file(s) you intend to modify as shown below.


2. In the Tag Dropdown, deselect the tags that are already applied for the file(s). Once deselected, click Apply to confirm as shown below.


Please Note: File tags cannot be edited or deleted from the tag dropdown list after they are created.