What is CENTRL?

CENTRL is the first inter-company network designed to help companies manage their partner-client relationships in a single platform. We are revolutionizing the way clients and partners exchange, distribute and aggregate critical business information.

You can exchange & collaborate documents, questionnaires, metrics, policies, financials and more – all with complete control, tight security and great user experience for you and your business partner.


This guide gives you a quick overview of how to get started with CENTRL and highlights key features for most productivity to benefit your company. Registering with your company’s email and adding your company’s name will provide you with the most efficient workflow. We offer two different modules: Client Connect and Partner Connect


As a client, you will use the Partner Connect to request, aggregate data and documents from your partners. As a vendor, you will use the Client Connect to publish and distribute data to multiple clients. Client Connect allows you to upload and publish documents to multiple clients, answer questionnaires sent by clients, and collaborate with users in your organization. Partner Connect allows you to request and aggregate documents from multiple partners. You can create questionnaires to assess multiple partner risks to ensure that they are following legal compliances.