Selecting The Appropriate Module: Client Connect vs Partner Connect

CENTRL is the only Inter-company network that can be used by vendors and clients to exchange, aggregate relevant data. We offer 2 modules:

  1. Partner Connect: Use this module to request and aggregate data and documents from your partners.
  2. Client Connect: Use this module to publish and distribute data to multiple clients.

As a Client using the Partner Connect module, the following features are available to you:

  • Request documents from anyone: You can request documents from any partner. You can request a document from your existing partner connections or someone new. The person you request the document from will receive a notification. You will be notified once they publish the document.
  • Aggregate documents from all partners: All documents published by your partners to you are available in one central place. You can view, download the document, add comments and collaborate with internal team members with any document.
  • Inter-company collaboration: Collaborate with your partners on documents by sending them in-app comments. History of the comments stay with the document.

As a Vendor using the Client Connect module, the following features are available to you:

  • Upload documents: You can create a document package with one or multiple files in it. When creating a document package, you can define the document type and frequency. Use the approval workflow for reviewing the documents.
  • Collaborate with internal members: Add comments for team members or view comments entered by your team on any document.
  • Publish and track usage: Publish document package to one or more clients and track who has viewed the document.