April 2017 - Release Notes


Release notes provide an overview of the new features and improvements to CENTRL’s Platform.  It also provides details about the release date after which the features will be generally available.

What's New In The Release

Issues Management


      • The Issues Management module allows you to create, manage, and resolve issues from Assessments and Audits. From the Assessment module, Vendor Connect users can create issues from answered questions.Create_Issue.png


      • Issues contain four main statuses: Potential, Invalid, Open, and Resolved. Issues start out in a Potential status and move towards either an Open (Valid) or Invalid status. From an Open status, issues move towards a final state of Resolved.  

External Q&A

      • The issue owners for Client Connect and Vendor Connect can communicate with each other about the issue through Q&A. Modeling a Question and Answer format, messages can be nested within each other to have focused conversations on a question or clarifying assumption. 

Management Updates

      • Management Updates are used to update Partners on an Issue. When publishing a Management Update, users can mark the Issue as Complete to inform the client that the Issue needs to be reviewed. 

Internal Collaboration

      • Users with existing access to an issue can invite other internal users to view and collaborate on the issue. QA.png

Improved Questionnaire Editing 

  • In this release, we made performance improvements to the creation and editing of a Questionnaire. Editing questions is now consolidated in one screen which makes it simpler and faster to create and rearrange questions.

Enhanced Quickview

Ability to Edit Files in a Folder

    • Users will be able to remove and add files to a Folder from the "Quickview"Download_Folder.png

Ability to Download All Files in a Folder

    • The "Quickview" has been improved to allow users the ability to download all files in a Folder.
    • Download all files is also available from the file viewer page.Download_Folder_From_Viewer.png

When the new features will be available

The new features will be available on April 18th, 2017.

Application downtime

As a part of the release deployment, the CENTRL application will be unavailable on April 18th, 2017 starting 5:30 PM (PST) for 3 hours.

On this day, we will send regular notifications before and after the deployment to keep you posted on the process and system availability. Some features will be available directly for the end user, while others must be configured by the Administrator.