July 2017 - Release Notes

Release Notes From CENTRL

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on July 25th, 2017.

Here's what to expect: 

Assessments Module

  • New answer types: We are adding more answer types for questions when creating a Questionnaire.1.png
    • Document - Users can require the recipient to submit documents as an answer. This is useful in scenarios like Audits where all you want are document(s) from your partner. Instead of using the open text answer and requesting a document, users can now use the "Document" type. 
    • Table - When creating a Questionnaire, you are now able to request answers in a spreadsheet-like format from your recipients. You can define column headers and add formatting to the cells. The recipient gets a very intuitive spreadsheet like interface to enter the values.
    • Numerical - Users can now request the recipient to submit numerical only values as an answer. For example, you want the total number of employees or the the number of data centers that your partner uses. CENTRL will validate for data integrity when your recipient is entering the answers.
    • Currency - Users can now request the recipient to submit a currency only values as an answer.For example, you want your partner to provide the total value of a fund etc. Your recipient can also select the type of currency from a dropdown when answering.
    • Date / Time - Users can now request the recipient to submit date / time only values as an answer. Lets say you want your partner to provide date when their systems were last audited. You can now use the date field for such requests.
    • Percentage - Users can now request the recipient to submit percentage only values as an answer. This is useful when gathering SLA or metrics data, performance data etc.


  • Numbering Scheme: You can select and modify custom numbering schemes for your Questionnaire at the section, subsection, and question levels.2.png


  • Grading Scale: We have enhanced the auto evaluation functionality. In the previous version, when sending out a "Y/N" or "Select One" type of question, the system allowed you to select the correct answer and the corresponding grade to give that response upfront. The limitation was that only one option could be auto evaluated. For example, on a Yes/No question, you could define that "Yes" was a correct answer and tell the system to automatically give it a "Satisfactory" grade. But there was no way to assign another grade for a "No" response. In this release users will have the ability to select the grades for both those options. This is supported for Yes/No and Select one answer types.Rel17.7_Grading.png
  • Request Clarifications: We've made it easier to ask and submit clarifications for this release by adding an intuitive button to the UI.2.png


  • Documents Modal: UI improvements have been made when viewing requested and attached Documents modal on a questionnaire when evaluating the responses. There is a link to view the question.Rel_17.7_Quest._Documents.png

Documents Module

  • Improved Workflow: For users with the appropriate permissions, they can now move through the Approval and Publish workflow steps in one click.Submit.png


  • Rich Text Editor: Users can now use our Rich Text Editor to customize outgoing messages when publishing a Folder.2017-07-12_14-27-06.png


  • Read Only Permissions: After hearing your feedback, we have renamed our 'Publish as PDF' permission to 'Publish as Read Only'. When enabled along with the Download permission, Word Documents, Powerpoints, or PDF's will be downloaded as a PDF. CSV and Excel files will be downloaded in an HTML format. image__1_.png


  • Watermarks: This release, we enabled watermarks to be applied to most CSV and Excel files. When you apply the watermark on a partner, they will see a user specific watermark when they view your CSV or Excel file. However, Excel or CSV files over 80MB will not be watermarked.watermark.png


  • Partner Connect: For this release, the Vendor Connect module will be renamed Partner Connect.
  • Login Page: We also modified our login screen to be more intuitive and easier to use.2017-07-12_14-26-06.png


CENTRL Support Assistance

  • Improved Integrated Chat experience in order to get assistance quickly and in-session when you are in the CENTRL application.


  • Invite CENTRL Support: To provide you with the most efficient support and troubleshooting, we have the capability for your company administrator to temporarily add our CENTRL Support team to your organization as a user. You can use this capability if you want us to log into your organization to help you with a specific issue, with configuration assistance, or to provide guide you with completing part of your workflow. And once it is no longer needed, you can just as easily remove CENTRL Support with the click of a button. The access is temporary and fully at the discretion of your company admin.2.png3.png


Application downtime

As a part of the release deployment, the CENTRL application will be unavailable on July 25th, 2017 starting 5:30 PM (PST) for 3 hours. The new features will be available after this downtime.