February 2023 Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on February 25, 2023. 

This article covers the following topics: 

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / DD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360

This release will feature our new Bulk Assessment features to help users more efficiently respond to and evaluate multiple assessments. This feature will allow respondents and evaluators to open multiple assessments in a single bulk view. At this point all assessments must belong to the same questionnaire. 

Please Note: Please contact your Account Manager or contact CENTRL Support if interested in this feature. 

  • To more efficiently manage multiple assessments, evaluators and responders can open multiple assessments from the same questionnaire in a single bulk-view. When creating a bulk assessment, users can add a name and description to track the bulk assessment in the new Bulk Assessment tab. 
    • Creating a bulk assessment does not impact the underlying assessment and simply offers a new view to apply actions in bulk; users can remove a bulk assessment at any time without affecting the underlying assessments.
  • Within a bulk assessment, respondents can add answers and comments to each assessment individually or in bulk across many assessments. Respondents can also add files and manage clarifications.
  • Within a bulk assessment, evaluators can add answers, comments, and clarifications either to each assessment individually or in bulk across many assessments. evaluators can also add files and manage issues. 

We will also release question tags to help users flag and categorize questions on assessments.

  • Any user with access to an assessment can add question tags for easy identification and filter an assessment by those tags. Tagging makes it easier to see the questions you want to see without having to scroll through the entire assessment. 
  • This feature will be available for Partner Connect users and subscribed Client Connect company users. We will enable question tags for guest users replying to assessments in a future release.

This release will also bring other small improvements:

  • The questionnaire import and export file will list all dropdown options in a single cell instead of in 10 separate columns. This will let users manage questions with more than 10 options in Excel. Old questionnaire files will need to be updated to use a single options column. This can be done by simply reexporting your data.
  • The questionnaire export will include question attributes from the question bank so users can leverage these attributes offline and update them via questionnaire import.
  • For responders on Client Connect, we will polish the answering header to make key actions like changing collaborators more obvious and highlight critical information like the intended recipient. This will help in situations where responders manage answering for many different markets, subsidiaries, or affiliates. 


  • Users will be able to associate a single issue with multiple partners. Associating more than one partner to an issue will simplify scenarios where various organizations share a common issue.
    • Issues with multiple partners must be published to a single partner. This partner will see the related partners on the issue.

Please Note: This feature is not turned on by default. Please reach out to customer support to enable the functionality.

  • Users with issue permissions will be able to bulk update custom fields, statuses, due dates, and issue owners.
    • Notifications will show the progress of the bulk action.
  • Users will be able to update an issue’s partner contact without first having to publish the issue.
  • Select assessment metadata will now show in the table view. Users can add these new columns to their view to enhance issue tracking. 


  • We will enhance our Executive Reports in the Report Builder Module to support export to PDF (in addition to current support of MS Word).
  • Dashboards will show tooltips when items in summary tables or lists are cut off.


  • System admins can now define a secondary label on lookup fields to help users distinguish values in the lookup field. For example, a lookup field for a product can show the product name and partner name in the dropdown to help users select the correct product.
  • We will now support field dependencies on Legal Entity and Fourth Party Relationship fields.
  • We will improve how Bulk Import & Export templates are formatted in the CENTRL platform, which will improve consistency between the CENTRL UI & the Export/Import templates
  • Custom Labels will now be reflected in Export/Import templates to be consistent with the created custom labels in the CENTRL UI

Note to Clients

  • As of December 2022 managed analytics have been moved to the Analytics Module to centralize all managed dashboards and reports in a single location. To access the legacy experience with a dashboard and report tab per module, please reach out to customer support.

Release Notes Details 

To view the release notes details, click here.