Answering Assessments in Bulk

Users can open multiple assessments from the same questionnaire in a bulk view. This feature saves time answering similar responses by allowing users to apply scores and other actions to many answers. 

Please Note: Bulk Assessments are specific to the user that created the assessment stack. Your colleagues will be unable to view or collaborate on your bulk assessments.

This article includes the following topics: 

Navigating to Active Assessments

1. For subscribed Client Connect accounts, navigate to the Assessments Module, Active Assessments Screen, and select Bulk Answer as shown below.

answering assessments in bulk subscribed cc.png

2. For guest accounts, navigate to the intended partner in the Partner Space, Assessments Screen, Active Assessments tab, and select Bulk Answer as shown below.

answering assessments in bulk guest.png

3. In the Bulk Answer Window, select the desired questionnaire by clicking on the Questionnaire dropdown arrow. Once selected, click on the Filter button to proceed

answering assessments in bulk 2.png

Creating Bulk Assessments

1. After selecting a questionnaire, click the checkboxes to select the assessments you intend to answer. Once done, click Bulk Answer to create the bulk assessment as shown below. 

answering assessments in bulk 3.png

2. In the Create Bulk Assessment Window, enter a name and add an optional description. Click Create to confirm as shown below.

answering assessments in bulk 4.png

The Bulk Answering Screen

Once the Bulk Assessment Name and Description are added, you will be taken to the Bulk Answering Screen.

To answer many assessments at once, the Bulk Answering Screen lists each unique question and each response. You can click on the expand icon on the left-hand side of the page to see a table of contents. This table of contents will also show sub-questions. 

answering assessments in bulk 6.png

Question Card

When you select a question or subquestion, you will see a question card and a series of answer cards below. The question card includes the following:

  1. Header information with the question number and count of answers that have been evaluated.
  2. Quick actions include adding a comment or changing the assignee across many answers.
  3. Question Text
  4. Answer Tips
  5. Reference files
  6. Quick filters

The quick filters can be clicked to hide or show answers that are not answered, answered, or submitted.

Question Card.png

Answer Card

Below the question card, you will see cards for each answer. The answer card supports several actions. From left to right, the quick actions icons include:

  1. Attach: Opens a window to attach files to this answer. Files often provide evidence or context for the response.
  2. Comment: Opens a window to add a comment to accompany the answer. 
  3. Assign: Opens a window to assign the answer to another user.
  4. Navigate to Details Page: Opens the question in the single assessment view in a new tab.
  5. History: View the answer history as you modify this response.
  6. Collapse: Collapses the answer card.

The answer card supports the ability to apply an answer to all responses. This lets users quickly apply common answers to save time.

answering assessments in bulk 8.png

Please Note: The bulk view supports many of the features of assessments but not all. Features that are not supported today include viewing and responding to clarifications and submitting answered assessments. To access these features, select the Navigate to Details Page action to open the single assessment view.

Viewing Created Bulk Assessments

If you exit the Bulk Answering Screen, you can return to the Bulk Assessment at another time to continue answering. 

1. From the Assessments Module, navigate to the Bulk Assessments tab, and click on the intended bulk assessment as shown below. 

answering assessments in bulk 5.png