Submitting Assignments

When responding to assessments, users can assign individual questions to team members. When assignees finish answering a question, they can submit the question back. Submitting a question back lets the original responder review the question before returning the assessment.

This article covers the following topics:

Navigate to My Assignments

1. To view the questions assigned to you, click on the intended Partner Space, Assessments screen, and My Assignments tab, as shown below. 


Submitting Assignments

Once answered, you can submit questions to their original owner for review.

1. Select Submit Assignment on an individual question or Submit All Assignments to submit all answered questions. To only submit a subset of answered questions see the next section.


2. Click Submit to confirm as shown below. 


Bulk-submitting Assignments

Users can submit a subset of questions with a bulk submit action.

1. Click on the three dots and select Bulk Submit Assignments as shown below. 


2. Select the questions intended to be submitted for review and click Submit Assignments() as shown below. 


3. Click on the Submit button to confirm as shown below. 


Note: A warning message will appear if you attempt to submit back a question without answering.