May 2023 Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on May 13, 2023

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Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / DD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360**

In this release, we will open Bulk Evaluations to all customers to simplify evaluating multiple assessments. Customers can open up to 3 assessments at once in a bulk evaluation by default. For managing more, please reach out to your account manager or support.

  • Users will see a new bulk action, Bulk Evaluate, to review multiple assessments simultaneously. Each assessment must belong to the same questionnaire.
  • We will update the bulk evaluation view to a list view to show many answers at once for each question. Clicking a row will open the details for that specific answer.
  • The bulk evaluation view will support several new actions, including Create Issue and Request Clarification.

We will also release the Question Bank to all customers so customers can easily manage questions used across questionnaires and prepopulate answers across linked and related questions even in different questionnaires.

  • Users with access to questionnaires will see a new tab for the question bank in the Assessments Module.
  • Users managing questionnaires can modify the question bank by adding new questions, linking questions, and adjusting question attributes.
  • Users can edit a question once and propagate the changes across the other unpublished questionnaires. This feature helps users build related questionnaires since users can edit question text in one place and apply the changes more broadly.
  • When viewing a question in a questionnaire, users will see more information about that question, including its unique Question Bank Id, any linked questions, and any other questionnaires using the question.
  • When adding questions to a questionnaire from the Question Bank, we will carry over the latest answer type, answer values, evaluation tips, answer tips, and reference files, saving valuable time.
  • We will avoid duplicates with more intelligent matching rules when adding new questions. For example, we will ignore special formatting, extra spaces, and cases.

For users responding to assessments, we will improve answering offline in Excel. With this release respondents can now export answers to one partner and import them to a matching assessment from another partner. This feature simplifies answering standard assessments from different partners.

This release will also include other improvements to Questionnaires and Assessments to improve the user experience, including:

  • Users will be able to map answers immediately after marking an assessment complete.
  • We will simplify the assessment header to clarify key actions like Map Answers.
  • Users can share questionnaire templates with other organizations across their company.
  • Users can configure rules to send an email on assessment completion. 
  • Questionnaire admins will see a new space to configure questionnaire settings like default due date periods (for answer and evaluation) and whether or not to count business days when creating due dates.
  • Users will be able to see “Tips for Answering” in the “Preview” mode.
  • Users will be able change owners for upcoming/scheduled assessments.
  • When publishing assessments to external contacts, users will now see the new contact lookup field. This field includes a find option to search through large lists of contacts and filter to specific contact attributes.

Finally, we’ve expanded rules to support more powerful automated workflows:

  • Users can use the triggers Is Published and Marked as Complete when creating an Assessment rule to update fields or add additional assessments. These triggers can be used to update fields such as the next “Onsite Date” when an assessment is published or when a user completes the evaluation of an assessment.
  • Rule actions will support updating fields on the Assessment’s Partner. For example, suppose an account has a field called Assessment Flag on Partners. With this new action and the new trigger for Marked as Complete, users can automatically set Assessment Flag to true when someone closes a high risk assessment for that partner.


In this release, we will revamp the Issues details page to better align the user experience with the rest of the application. This change comes with a UI similar to our partner space details pages and the ability to configure more custom attributes on Issues.

  • We will improve the user interface of the Issue Details screen to give responders and issue managers a clearer view of external and internal messages, history logs, and management updates.
  • We will close gaps in Issue custom field support so users can now add Lookup, Multi Select, Single-Select-with-Add, and Multi-Select-with-Add dropdown fields to issues.


  • We will improve the Partner, Product, Contact Audit Log by allowing for more precise log exports. System Admins will be able to define specific time ranges when exporting audit logs.
  • For BNM360, we will improve the Legal Entity details page to show tabs listing all Direct & Indirect Relationships.

Note to Clients

  • As of December 2022 managed analytics have been moved to the Analytics Module to centralize all managed dashboards and reports in a single location. To access the legacy experience with a dashboard and report tab per module, please reach out to customer support.

Release Notes Details

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** Amended Release Notes 2023-05-10