Editing Issue Owner - Client Connect

Users with access to Issues on the Client Connect side of our platform can update the Issue Owner of an Issue. If an Issue needs to be reassigned to another contact, users can easily edit the Issue Owner while notifying both parties of the update. When updating the owner, the prior owner will become a Internal Collaborator.

Editing an Issue Owner

1. Navigate to the Issues tab and click on the Issue you want to change the Issue Owner for. 

2. From the Issue Details Screen, click on the Edit Details button on the top right. 

3. Select the X icon next to the current Issue Owner's name.

4. Choose a new User to be the Issue Owner.

Please note: Subscribed Users will be able to see a list of applicable Users to select from as well as the ability to Add a User by entering an email address. Guest Users will only be able to Add a User by entering an email address.

5. Once the new Issue Owner is selected, click Save Changes to update the owner. 

6. A success message will will appear confirming the Issue has been updated.

Please note: The previous Issue Owner will be changed to an Internal Collaborator