December 2023 - Release Notes

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming December 8, 2023 release. 

This article covers the following topics:

Release Notes Summary

Vendor360 / DD360 / BNM360 / Cyber360 / Assess360 / MSA360 


Powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence, our CentrlGPT co-pilot helps firms simplify and accelerate the third party risk management process. This release brings more capabilities to CentrlGPT including intelligent summarization. 

  • We will release the ability to intelligently summarize an assessment. CentrlGPT will review answers, evaluations, issues, and clarifications and produce section level summaries that can be viewed and modified in the application. We will also produce an assessment level summary. 
  • CentrlGPT will be able to intelligently raise flags and measure answers against criteria for Publish to Me workflows

Please Note: CentrlGPT is an add-on feature. To learn more please contact your account manager.

Invoice Module

In this release, we will be introducing the Invoice Module for BNM360. This new module adds automation and flexibility to the Network Management invoice process all within one integrated solution. You can save time by leveraging our automated invoice ingestion engine, automating the reconciliation of invoices to reduce the risk of overpayment, and spot trends in your spend to maximize cost savings.

Some of the features include:

  • Flexibility to set up fee cards with different structures to accommodate a multitude of fee types at the Legal Entity, Partner, and/or Third Party Relationship level.
  • Automatic ingestion of the most common invoice formats (Excel and PDF).
  • Accurate automated reconciliation between invoices and fee cards reducing the risk of overpayment.
  • Analytics to give you a complete understanding of the data points that matter to you such as what agents, fee types, or markets you’re spending the most money on.

Please Note: Invoicing is an add-on feature. To learn more please contact your account manager.

Additional Improvements - Assessments Module 

  • Users will be able to populate assessment instructions with data from standard or custom attributes of a partner. This reduces the amount of questionnaire template copies needed for publishing assessments. 
  • Users will have the option to clear files and comments when bulk-clearing answers from the answering screen. 

Platform and Reporting

  • Tables will now support Not Contains and Not Starts With to make it easier to filter out several unwanted items.
  • The Assessment Results report which used to report on answers, will now show the Assessment Period, Sub Status, Completed On, Answer Comment, and Answered On field.
  • Table Tiles in Report Builder Dashboards will support up to 10 columns from 5.
  • Emails will show the sender's email along with their name and company

Note to Clients

We do not expect any downtime for users during this maintenance period. 

Release Notes Details

To view the release notes details, click here