CentrlGPT - Your AI-Powered Risk Copilot

CentrlGPT is the first of its kind generative AI solution that revolutionizes risk and diligence processes. CentrlGPT focuses on the challenge of evaluation. Today, organizations issue dozens to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of client assessments. Clients must provide dozens of responses within each assessment and attach numerous documents. As a result, it takes hours for analysts to read through completed assessments and identify issues or gaps.

As a part of CentrlGPT, the Smart Evaluation feature will automatically review each answer and fulfilled document requests for assessments received from your partners based on previously configured peronas, criteria, and examples. This framework is the basis on which Smart Evaluate can determine whether to raise or not raise a flag on a particular answer.

Please Note: This feature is not available by default. If interested, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact Support.

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