My Connections

The My Connections page helps users to view all their connections in one glance. This helps in knowing which company your connection belongs to along with their invitation status. Using the My Connections page, you can perform the following functions: 

Viewing all your Partner Contacts

You can view all your partner contacts under one roof using the My Connections page.

Navigating to My Connections

1. Click on the drop-down next to your name as shown below. 

2. Click on My Connections. Here, you can view all your connections under one roof. 


Viewing the Invitation Status

Users can view the invitation status of their connections. Invitation statuses are categorized as follows:

1. Accepted: Your partner has accepted your invitation and has become a connection. 
2. Pending: Your partner has not yet accepted your invitation to become a connection. 
3. Expired: Your partner has an expired invitation to join CENTRL. For security reasons, we expire invitations after 15 days. You can resend an invitation to your partner to allow them to view the information you have published.


To learn more about Registration Invite Expiration and Automatic Reminders, click here

Re-inviting Partner Contacts

You can re-invite Partner Contacts with Pending or Expired invitation statuses from the My Connections page.

1. For Contacts with Pending or Expired status, click on the clock icon as shown below to re-send the email invitation for registration.

2. An email notification will be sent to your Partner and the Invitation Status will be updated to Pending status.