Archiving a Received Folder

If you are a subscribed user, you can easily archive folders that have been received. This allows you to clear up folders that you wish to hide and free up space on your list page. You can select to see all, active or archive folders as options.

You have the option to view active, archived, or all folders as options. By default, the Active filter will be selected when you navigate to a page. 

Note: Only Document Administrators can archive folders.

Viewing Archived Folders

Archived folders can be accessed through the filters and are searchable.



Archiving Folders

The Archival feature is available on the following Document screens: 

  1. List View 
  2. Quick View
  3. Folder View  

List View


1. To begin archiving a folder, navigate to your Document module screen. For the Document Folder that you want to archive, click on Archive and the folder will be archived.


2. You will receive a notification that the folder has successfully been archived.

Quick View

You can also archive a folder using the Quick View. 


1. Click on the folder you want to archive, bringing up the Quick View. 

2. Inside the Quick View, click on the Archive button next to the name of the folder.  

Folder View

In the folder overview, you also have the ability to archive a folder.


1. In the selected folder overview, click on the Archive button inside the sidebar. 

Unarchiving a Folder


1. Click on the Unarchive button on the folder you wish to unarchive

2. The folder will now be unarchived and will appear in the Active Filter.