Issue Statuses

Our Issues Management Module allows you to create, manage, and track the issues with your partner while evaluating an Assessment. For example, your partner may have sent you an incorrect answer requiring further follow up. The appropriate action may be to create an issue and send it to your partner for them to review and respond. 

Our Issues Management Module gives you the flexibility to create an issue in any status. You can also revert to an issue from any status. For example, users can revert a Closed Issue to an Open Issue or Open to Potential or Invalid to Potential. 

This article covers the following topics:

Issue Statuses

An issue can have one of the following statuses:

Potential: Issues that have been identified but not confirmed start in a Potential status. 

Open: Issues with an Open status has been confirmed as an active issue. 

Invalid: An Issue with an Invalid status has been confirmed as an invalid issue. An Invalid Issue cannot be edited.

For Review: An Issue with a For Review status has been deemed complete by your partner. You can change the status based on the actions your partner has taken. (Note: This status is only available to Issue Creators. When the Issue Recipient completes the issue and marks it as Sent for Review, the status for the Issue Creator changes to For Review.)

Sent for Review: An issue with Sent for Review status has been completed/resolved by the Issue recipient and sent back for review. (Note: This status is only available to Issue Recipients)

Closed: An Issue with a Closed status has been resolved and is no longer an active issue. Closed status has the following sub-statuses:

  • Closed with Remediation: A status that has been marked as Closed with Remediation signifies that the identified issues have been deemed remediated. 
  • Closed without Remediation: A status that has been marked as Closed without Remediation signifies that the identified issues have not been remediated. 

To learn more about updating the status for a received issue, click here

Configuring Issue Statuses

Users have the option of renaming the issues statuses and sub-statuses and also add custom fields to suit their business process.

Note: This feature is only available to Issue Creators who are System Administrators. (Partner Connect/Vendor Connect module). Click here to learn more about configuring issues fields.