Answering a Data Inventory Survey

Data Inventory Surveys allow DPO's to collect information about a processing activity from the appropriate business owner. Upon receiving a data inventory survey, business owners can add answers and submit back survey answers to the Data Processing Officer (DPO) for review. When the answers from the business owners are submitted back, the DPO can easily populate the data inventory based on the answers provided. 

For example, when you receive a System Survey, Processing Activity Survey, or a Partner Survey, you can answer and submit back the entire survey. Using the Data Inventory module you can quickly answer questions, assign parts of a Survey to your internal team, and submit your answers back to the DPO.

Note: We currently support Processing Activity, System, and Partner survey templates.

This article covers the following topics:

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Navigating to Active Survey

 From Email


From the Active Surveys screen

Redesigned Survey Responding view to be more streamlined and intuitive for your DPO when responding to surveys. All questions in a section display in one scrollable view.


1. Navigate to the Data Inventory module from the sidebar and click on the Active Surveys link.

2. Click on any survey you wish to respond to and click on click on any question to start answering.

View Instructions


By default, you will land on the Instructions section, where you can view instructions sent by your DPO to assist in responding to the received questionnaire.

Adding Answers to Survey

CENTRL's system supports multiple answer types including Open Answer, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Documents, Tables, and Others. In order to answer the question, you can select or type in the appropriate response. To move on to the next question, you can scroll down. To move to the next section, click on the Next Section button.

Note: All answers are saved automatically. 


1. Click on the checkbox to select your answer.


For the "Open Answer" type,  enter your answer and click on the checkmark to save your response.