September 2018 - Release Notes

Release Notes From CENTRL

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on September 5th, 2018.

Here's what to expect: 


  1. New scheduling feature to allow companies to publish assessments at a future date or create a recurring schedule.
    • Ability to automatically publish assessments at a future date or create reminders for upcoming publish events for themselves or their partners. On the Review & Publish screen, users can now select a Publish On date and if Notifications would like to be added.Future.pngNotifications can be scheduled by days or months before the publish date.Notify.png
    • Ability to publish assessments on a recurring basis. The recurrence options are Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Yearly. Users can select when the next occurrence begins and when to stop it. Shown below the end date will show the dates of the year the assessment will publish.Recurring.pngFor recurring publishes, users will also have to select how many days or months after the assessment is published will it be due. You will also be able to select if you would like the assessment to publish automatically on its scheduled recurrence.Due_Date.png
    • New Upcoming Assessments tab to manage, edit, or update schedules.Upcoming_Assessments.pngClicking on the assessment will bring up the alerts and recurrence details on the right. You will also have the option to publish the assessment immediately from the detailed view.Assessment_Details.pngClicking the 3 dots on the right of the assessment will give users the option to edit a specific occurrence, all related occurrences, or deleting. Dots.png
  2. Improved user experience for submitting select questions or the full questionnaire back to partners. The Submit button will now submit questions that are currently filtered. Shown in the image below, there are 10 questions, but only the Draft (2) questions are filtered. The Submit button will only submit these questions that are showing in the filter.Submit.pngAdditionally, if a user would like to submit the entire questionnaire, they can click the Down Arrow to the right of the Submit button to Submit Full Questionnaire.                                                                                                       Submit_Full.png
  3. Filters will be retained in session on Active Assessments and Manage Questionnaires.
  4. Changing Assessments dashboard to give users more control in viewing the data with filters and drill-downs. Dashboard data can be clicked to filter to selection or users can use the filters on the right to configure their dashboard.Assessments_Dashboard.pngTo drill-down into data, simply right click the data you would like more information on and select "Drill Into...".Drilldown.png        Users will also be able to Export information by clicking the 3 dots on the upper right of the table/graph they would like to export. Then they can select which file type they would like the information downloaded in.Export.png
  5. Replacing Scores by Questionnaire report with a more detailed version, allowing users to drill-down and segment by partners and more.Scores_Report.png

Issues Management

  1. New Issues dashboard with the ability to apply filters, drill down into granular data, or export the data.Issues_Dashboard.png
  2. Simplification of the status and flow when sending Management Updates. When publishing a Management Update, users will have the option to mark the issue "Sent For Review" to help users know they have responded to the issue.2018-08-28_13-30-44.png


  1. New Data Subject Access Request management module. The DSAR module will provide companies with the tools and workflows to comply with GDPR (Articles 12-23).
    • Customize embeddable forms for subject access requests.
    • Track incoming requests, collaborate internally, and send communication updates to data subjects.DSAR.pngDSAR_Details.png
    • Look up processing activities associated with each request to locate data and track recipients.


  1. Redesigned Vendor360 partner dashboard to give an overview of all vendors and risk.V360_Dashboard.png


  1. Integration of reporting and embedded analytics into the application with enhanced drill-down, filtering, and pivoting. 
  2. Reports and dashboards are more flexible and customizable for future needs.