Responding to Assignments

Our Assessment platform allows you to respond to assignments your colleague has sent you. Assignments allow your team to assign questions or sections to the correct subject matter experts. In addition, the owner of the assessment can track the progress of the assignments and eventually submit them to your partner.

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to your Assignments

From Email

When you receive an assignment, you will receive an email outlining the assignments your partner has sent you. You can navigate to the question you have been assigned by clicking on the link to the question.

If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create a password and log in to view your assignments.

My Assignments

1. To view the questions assigned to you, click on the intended Partner Space and then click on the Assessments Screen and My Assignments tab as shown below. Once here, click on the assessment you intend to answer. 

Answering Assigned Questions

When you navigate to the assessment, you can begin answering the questions assigned to you.

1. From the Answer Screen, you can select individual questions to bring up the answering pane as shown below. To answer the question, you can select or type in the appropriate response.

At the top of the answering pane, you can see the question(s) assigned to you and the format of the answer. Our system supports multiple answer types including Open Answer, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Documents, and Tables.

Note: All answers are saved automatically.

Submitting an Assigned Question Individually

Once answered, questions can be submitted back to the original Assignor. The Assignor will review the questions and eventually submit them back to the external partner.

1. Click on the Submit Assignment button to submit the question(s) back to the Assignor for review. A success message will appear and your assigned question will be submitted back.

To see our full help article on submitting assignments, click here.