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Responding to Clarifications

Evaluators can raise clarifications to inquire about your response. When you receive a clarification, you can respond to their clarification question with both text and file attachments.

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Your Assessment

From the Email

When your partner sends you a clarification, you will receive an email notification that contains links to the questions requiring clarification. You can click on the email links to open the questionnaire and view the clarifications.

responding to clarifications 1.png

From the Active Assessments table

1. To view the questions assigned to you by Partner, navigate to the Partner Space and select the respective partner.

2. From the Assessments Module, navigate to the Assessments Screen and Active Assessments tab as shown below. Once here, click on the Assessment Name to view the clarification. 

responding to clarifications 2.png

Viewing Open Clarifications from the Active Assessments table

Alternatively, users can add the Open Clarifications column to their Active Assessments table to easily identify any open clarifications that need to be responded to. The Open Clarifications column will reveal the current amount of open clarifications for each assessment. 

1. From the Active Assessments Screen, click on the Gear gear icon.png icon and click on the Open Clarifications checkbox to add the column.responding to clarifications 3.png

2. Click on the Open Clarification link to navigate to the open clarification(s) for that assessment.  

responding to clarifications 4.png

For more information on how to configure table views, please see our full help articles below: 

Viewing Clarification Questions

1. From the Answering Screen, you will see a counter with the total number of clarification questions associated with this Assessment. If you do not see a counter, there are no clarification questions requiring a response from you.

2. Click on the Clarifications link as shown below. The questions requiring clarification will be displayed. 

responding to clarifications 5.png

3. Once you are done typing your clarification response in the text box, click on the Checkmark to save and then click on the Submit button to submit the clarification response(s) back to your Partner. 

responding to clarifications 6.png