October 2019 - Release Notes

Release Notes From CENTRL

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on October 22nd, 2019.

Here's what to expect: 

Assess360 / Vendor360
  • All users receiving assessments can now change the responder Owner of an Active Assessment. This is valuable if an assessment needs to be redirected to someone else in the responding org without requiring it to be republished.2019-10-14_08-14-00.png
  • Questionnaire Owners and Issue Owners in Partner/Vendor Connect can also change the recipient on an open assessment or a published issue, without revoking the current assessment or Issue and publishing another one. 2019-10-14_08-24-29.png2019-10-14_08-25-20.png
  • It is now possible to specify a grading scale when importing a new questionnaire via the Import Template.
  • Issues can be created for any reason (no longer have to be associated just to an Assessment) and can be created directly from the Issue Management module.2019-10-14_08-32-33.png

What has Changed

  • Newly published assessments can now be pre-populated with answers. These answers will either be taken from previously evaluated Assessments sent to the same Partner, or by mapped attribute values associated to a question.2019-10-14_08-41-29.png
  • Questions that have been pre-populated, can be modified in answering before submission. If the answerer makes a change, he or she can always revert back to the original pre-populated value.2019-10-14_09-29-09.png2019-10-14_09-32-22.png
  • Quick filters to identify answers that have changed at the time of Evaluation. Detailed view to compare an answer that has changed against its previous value.2019-10-14_10-31-22.png2019-10-14_10-32-30.png


  • New data explorer to preview and publish files to the portal.2019-10-14_11-58-19.png
  • Additional data inventory survey types to collect data on third party recipients.2019-10-14_11-21-49.png
  • Web request forms now support CAPTCHAs in addition to automatic email verification.
  • Privacy users can view the results of Identity Services while triaging requests.2019-10-14_11-36-57.png
  • Enhanced 360-degree view of data elements and systems.


  • Custom attributes and groups now supported for Contacts.2019-10-14_10-48-18.png
  • New Inbox feature, serving as an individual user's backlog of tasks, deadlines, and assignments, as well as a record of other activity occurring in the application.2019-10-14_13-04-26.png


  • Enhanced permissioning for business unit level reporting.