Modifying a Pre-populated Answer

When you change a pre-populated answer, you can revert back to the original pre-populated answer.

This article covers the following topics:

Changing a Pre-populated Answer

1. Navigate to the Assessments screen from the Partner Space and click on the Active Assessments tab as shown below. 


2. To change a pre-populated answer, click on an alternate answer option as shown below. 


Revert Answer

1. Click on the Revert to Prepopulate link to revert back to the original answer. 


Note: This will remove any change made to the question, including the answer, document(s) attached, or comments.

Viewing the Pre-populated Answer source

1. Click on the "i" icon to View the Pre-populated answer source as shown below.


Note: If you have access to the underlining assessment, then the assessment will be clickable. You will be taken to the source Question in the original assessment.