Revoking Document Folder access to a Recipient

The CENTRL's platform allows you to Revoke Document Folder access for a single recipient. Once the access is revoked, the recipient will not be able to access any of the documents that were published to them previously. 

Note: The Revoke feature is available only to Document Admins.

1. From the Documents Module, click on the dropdown to access the Documents Admin Module.


2. Click on the Permissions tab from the Documents Admin Module as shown below.

RDFAR2.png3. Click on the + icon to view the Partner contacts.

Revoke_Document_Access2.png4. Select the recipient whose access needs to be revoked by clicking the checkbox as shown below and then clicking Revoke.


Once complete, a success message will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once the access gets revoked, the recipient will not have access to view the files in the folder.