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December 2019 - Release Notes

Release Notes From CENTRL

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on December 17th, 2019.

Topics Covered:

  1. Release Notes Summary
  2. Release Notes Details

Release Notes Summary

Assess360 / Vendor360

  • Users can indicate a question as mandatory for a response while creating a questionnaire. It is also possible to set a question as mandatory when importing a new questionnaire via the Import Template.
  • An Evaluation due date can now be used to track the completion of Evaluation separately from Answering Submission.
  • Internal Contacts can now be mapped to one or more questionnaire answers and imported at the time of Evaluation.
  • Assessments can now be scheduled with custom recurrences.  A user can now specify a specific number of Months or Years for recurring assessments.
  • For the Pre-populated Assessments feature, the Changed Answer counter shows Evaluators how many of the pre-populated questions were changed.
  • Users evaluating or answering a pre-populated Assessment can review the original answer and access the originating questionnaire if required. 


  • Output Reports from automated data scans can be added to the consumer response portal.
  • Tasks added to rights requests now support the collaborative back and forth commenting.
  • Authorized agents can now create requests on behalf of individuals. 
  • New Features available for clients on advanced versions  of Privacy360
    • Custom statuses and transitions for rights requests can be configured.
    • Configuration of request intake forms with custom attributes and branding.
    • Please work with your client services team for support of these capabilities. 


  • System Administrators now have the ability to set a Partner contact or Business Unit contact as Primary. 
  • System Administrators now have the ability to add contacts having different domains for a Partner.
  • Users will now be notified of email bounces, and have the opportunity to select a new recipient from their Inbox.
  • System Administrators can now reactivate a deactivated contact.
  • Finer granularity of System Administrator permissions is now supported, enabling the creation of more specialized Admin users.
  • System Administrators can now create and manage custom attributes for Business Units.


  • Enhanced dashboards and usability improvements.

Release Notes Details