Answering a Mandatory Question

When users receive questionnaires for answering, they can view and answer mandatory questions. Responders cannot submit the entire questionnaire unless all the Required questions have been answered. 

Note: All mandatory questions are highlighted in a red box. 

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Active Assessments

Guest User

1. From the Partners Module, select the intended partner space. From there, click on the Assessments Screen, Active Assessments tab, and select an assessment as shown below.


Subscribed User

1. Navigate to the Assessments Module, click on the Active Assessments Screen, and click on an assessment as shown below.


Answering a Mandatory Question

1. Within the answering pane, enter your answer text and click on the Checkmark icon to save your response as shown below. 


Note: The answer area for a mandatory question will be highlighted in red to quickly identify the mandatory questions.  

2. A warning next to the Submit button will appear If the recipient tries to submit an assessment with an unanswered mandatory question as shown below.


3. Once the mandatory question has been answered, the answer box for the mandatory question will turn green as shown below.