Assigning Questions and Sections

When you receive a questionnaire, you can assign sections and questions to other people within your organization such as to the appropriate subject matter expert. For example, an assessment with 60 questions can be easily divided among 5 other members of your team. 

When they have completed their assignments, they can submit the answers back for you to review. You can access all the assignments you are associated with using the My Assignments screen.  

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Active Assessments


1. Navigate to the Assessments Module and click on the Assessment from Active Assessments Screen as shown above.

Assigning an Individual Question


1. Navigate to your question and click on the Assign icon as shown above. 


2. Click on the Assign To dropdown and select an alternate user/assignee. You can enter an optional message for the new Assignee.

3. Once done, click on the Assign button as shown above.

Changing the Assignee 

When you receive a questionnaire, you have the option to change the assignee for a particular question or a previously assigned question. 

From Active Assessments

1. Navigate to Active Assessments Screen from the Partners Module. Click on the assessment and further click on the question you wish to change the assignee for.


2. Within the Answering pane, to change the assignee, click on the Edit icon next to the Assignee name and select the drop-down to select a new assignee as shown above.


3. You can enter an optional message for the new Assignee. Once done, click on the Assign button to save your changes.

Note: You can change the assignee for only one question at a time.

From My Assignments


Similarly, you can also change the assignee for a question that was assigned to you. 

1. Navigate to Partner Space Module and click on the Assessments Screen. Click on the My Assignments tab as shown above and click on the assigned assessment.

2. To change the assignee, follow steps 2 and 3 as shown earlier from Active Assessments. 

Assign "On-the-Fly"


To add new users not previously registered within CENTRL, you can enter the email address as shown above and click on the Add Email Address link. Once added, the new Assignee will receive an email to register into CENTRL.

Note: To add an email address with a different domain, please reach out to your Assessment Owner who had published to you to enable this access. 

Bulk Assignments

The Bulk assignments feature allows you to bulk-assign an entire section or sections, or individual questions, or assigning an entire assessment. To learn more about this feature, click here.