Viewing an Assessment

When your partner sends you a questionnaire, you can easily view, manage, and answer your Active Assessments using our Assessments Module on Client Connect.
This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Questionnaires

From Partner Space

1. From the Partners Module, navigate to the Assessments Tab, and click on the Active Assessments Screen. Find and click on the desired assessment as shown below.


From Email

You also have the option to open the questionnaire from the initial email sent by your Partner. 

1. Click on the Get Started button as shown below.


Viewing Instructions

Once you have accessed the questionnaire, you will be navigated to the Instructions section where you can view the instructions provided by your partner.

1. After viewing the instructions added by your partner, click on the Start Answering button to begin answering the questionnaire.

Start Answering.png

For more information on viewing and answering assessments, please see our help article section on: 

Answering an Assessment