Question History

The "Question History" feature allows respondents to review the history of all user activities associated with the selected question for tracking purposes. This feature provides a timeline showing all user activities in reverse chronological order. Question History will display the actions and the date for each activity. 

Question History will show information regarding the selected question. Question History shows the following actions :

  • Modifying an answer or comment
  • Attaching or removing a file
  • Assigning questions
  • Submitting questions back
  • Clarifications
  • Pre-populated answer details
  • Reopened questions

Navigating to Question History 


1. Navigate to the Partner space and click on the Active Surveys screen.

2. Click on any active/ ongoing survey of your choice. 

3. Scroll down to any question to view the history associated with that question. 


4. Click on the 3 dots and select Question History as shown above. 


5. This provides a complete audit trail of user activities at a question-level as shown above.