Answering a Mandatory Question

When users receive a survey for answering, the responding users can view and answer mandatory questions. Respondents cannot submit the entire questionnaire unless all the Required questions have been answered. 

Note: All mandatory questions are highlighted in a red box. 

This article covers the following topics:

Navigating to Active Surveys


1. Navigate to the Data Inventory module and click on the Active Surveys screen.

2. Click on the received survey for answering. 

Answering a Mandatory Question


1. Within the answering pane, enter your answer text and click on the checkmark icon to save your response. 

Note: The Answering area for a mandatory question will be highlighted in red to quickly identify the mandatory questions.  


2. A warning text next to the Submit button will appear if the recipient tries to submit a survey with an unanswered mandatory question.


2. Once the mandatory question has been answered, the answer box for the mandatory question will turn green.