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Submitting Survey Answers

The last step in the Answering process is to submit the survey answers back to your DPO. 

Note: If you were assigned a set of questions for answering, please click here to learn how to submit your answers back to the Assignor.

This article covers the following topics:

Submit Full Survey

When you are finished answering all questions in the survey, you can easily submit answers back to your partner. The Submit All option is available to the Questionnaire Owner as well as the Questionnaire Admin. The Submit All functionality will submit all the answers back to your external partner for them to review. The Questionnaire Owner is the person who originally received the survey. 

From the Answering Screen


1. When all the questions are answered and you are ready to submit back the entire survey to your external partner, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the screen and select the Submit Full Questionnaire link as shown above.


Alternatively, you can click on Submit All using the 3 dots at the top right and select Submit All. 

Click on the 3 dots and select Submit All.


2. Click on the Submit All to Partner button to proceed. You can also enter an optional message to send to your external Partner if required.

Note: A warning message will appear if you are submitting this questionnaire without all questions answered (as shown below). You are allowed to proceed if desired. However, questions that have been unanswered will be submitted to your partner and you will be unable to answer them.


From the Active Surveys Screen

Alternatively, you can now submit the entire questionnaire from the Active Surveys screen itself, without having to open the survey. 


1. Navigate to the Active Surveys screen from the Data Inventory module.

2. Click on the Submit button as shown above to submit the entire questionnaire.

3. Click on the Submit All to Partner button to proceed.