Add New Collaborators "On-the-Fly"

To add new users as collaborators not previously registered within CENTRL, you can enter the email address as shown below and click on the Add Email Address link. Once added, the new Internal Collaborator will receive an email to register into CENTRL.

Note: This "On-the-Fly" feature is not available by default. To enable this feature for your organization, please have your System Administrator submit a support request through CENTRL's Support Center.


1. Navigate to the Issue Details page.

2. Within the Issue detail pane, click on the Internal Collaborators link under the Internal tab.

3. Enter your colleague's email address and click on the Add Email Address link.

Note:  For Subscribed and Guest Users, the email domain of the new user you are adding should be the same as yours. Once added, the collaborator will receive an email to register.  

4. Once added, the newly added collaborator will automatically be added as an internal user within your organization.