August 2020 - Release Notes

Release Notes From CENTRL

We are excited to introduce new features and enhancements for our upcoming release on August 18, 2020.

Release Notes Summary

Assess360 / Vendor360

  • Questionnaire Admins will have the ability to add new grading scales during questionnaire creation


  • The Bulk import templates for Systems and Processing Activities provide more granularity in the Overview tab to include instructions and guidance related to how Advanced Configuration. 


  • The Login, Registration, and Password Reset pages have an updated look and feel.
  • System Admins can view contractual limits under My Plan shown in the header. This will only be applicable to clients that have user limits.
  • Enhanced Inbox feature will include widgets to provide a quick overview of Assessment and Partners.
  • Bulk import of Partners/Vendors, Products, and Contacts data has been streamlined.
    • System Admins can now initiate an import process and attend to their other work while the data is imported in the background.
    • System Admins will receive status updates by email on the initiation and completion of the import process. 
    • System Admins can view the status, results, and other details of each import in the Import Logs. 


  • Enhanced dashboards and usability improvements.