Release Calendar 2021

CENTRL's platform is updated regularly to ensure that users get the very latest features and fixes. 

The table below provides an overview of our forthcoming releases in 2021:

Release  Release to Sandbox Release to Production
February 2021 Release  Feb 08 Feb 27
May 2021 Release May 06 May 14
July 2021 Release Jun 28 Jul 24
October 2021 Release Sept 14 Oct 08
December 2021 Release Nov 23 Dec 10


We will start posting our Pre-release notes and Release Notes to our Help Center around three weeks before the scheduled release dates. 

To stay updated with our upcoming new features and improvements you can follow our "Release Notes" page in our Help Center. To do so, navigate to our Release Notes page by clicking here and click on the “Follow” button. By doing so, you will automatically be notified of our future releases.