Registration Invite Expiration and Reminder

When you invite an Internal User or a Guest contact to CENTRL, we send an email with a registration link so they can join the platform. This article helps you understand our registration process including expiration dates and automatic reminders.

This article covers the following topics:

Expiration Policy

CENTRL user/contact invites last 15 days after which the link will no longer work. If users have not registered by then, the administrator can always resend an invite from either the Users or Contacts tab which triggers an email to register and log in. To simplify this process CENTRL does send one automatic reminder.

Note: We will not send an automated reminder to an individual if the System Admin has already resent an invitation.

Automatic Reminders

CENTRL automatically sends a reminder email with a new registration link 15 days after the first invitation if the individual has not completed registration and has not been re-invited to CENTRL. This happens for all invitations to CENTRL whether the individual is a guest or a user. The email subject line is "Finish setting up your account" and the body is shown below:



Note: This Registration Reminder link is valid for 15 days from when the automatic email reminder was sent. Users can reach out to their System admin to further re-sent an invitation.